A bit of scary news on Tuesday out of China. 

Officials have imposed another quarantine on two cities after a mysterious new coronavirus outbreak. 

The outbreak is currently isolated to two cities in the province of Jiin which is part of the Dongbei region. 

It's currently being labeled as "high risk" and two emergency hospitals have been set up for the recent COVID-19 infections. 

So far 40,000 people have been tested and the cities have stopped all major transport in and out of the city. 

This comes just a week after new cases popped up in Shulan which forced the city to quarantine and shut down all schools, public places and public transport and residents were only able to leave their house for two hours every other day. 

It can be seen as troubling because there's also been a new case in the city of Wuhan where the original outbreak is believed to have happened. 

More to come.

Source: Express.co.uk