Losing someone is probably the worst heartbreaking thing anybody can experience. Unfortunately death is a battle that humans will always lose. 

However, even when the person is no longer physically present, there are signs that they can still be near you!

Check out these five examples which people believe show a lost loved one is still hanging around spiritually. 

1. You can sometimes smell their signature smell.

When the spirit of a loved one is near you, you can sometimes smell them. It will remind you of one aspect of the deceased person: their scent, the smell of cigarettes if obviously the person smoked or even the smell of their favourite food.

2. The person often appears in your dreams

This is the most common way for a spirit to come into contact with you. While you sleep, your subconscious mind is more open to the spirit world, which allows them to come into contact with you more often.

3. Your things start to disappear.

Things seem to disappear or sometimes they change places. Even if the person is no longer on this earth, that does not prevent them from wanting to play pranks on you!

4. You have unusual thoughts

Some people have slightly stranger thoughts after losing a loved one. This may indicate that the deceased person is not fully gone and is influencing the thoughts of loved ones a little. If you have a more bizarre thought, take a few moments to think it over again since it could come from another person and not yourself!

5. Signs during the funeral

According to famed psychic, James Van Praagh, our spirits attend their own funerals. They walk around the room trying to comfort their loved ones and give them signs that everything is fine. Unfortunately, sometimes people are too absorbed in their pain during this event that they fail to see these signs. Be attentive during the funeral!