Family walks are a tradition for many families especially after dinner time. 

The walk can sometimes be enjoyed playing the game "I Spy" especially by families with younger children. 

However one woman revealed her family was playing an absolutely disgusting other game which now has her refusing to go on walks with them. 

The 25 year old woman has been living at her parents home during quarantine to help out and has been able to work there remotely. 

While she enjoys the extra time with her family and sometimes going for walks with her parents and younger sister, that has now stopped because of a game the rest of the family plays called "poop tag". 

"I hate this game," she said. "I don’t like getting poop, even if it’s in a bag, thrown at me and I don’t find it funny. I told them multiple times I would not walk with them if this continued.

"I think they thought I was joking, because they would not stop AND added new components to this game - wave poop above my head, pretend to hit me with it with large swings.

"Two days ago I refused to go on walks with them anymore and now just walk my dog alone."

She says her family has since apologized and said they would stop playing if she comes back on the walks. 

The woman says she's still traumatized and needs some time to think about it. 

Source: Daily Mirror